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Verkkosivu 29. maalis, 2016



Viitisen vuotta sitten toisin yöpyä jossain mökissänne. Tuo jäi mieleen kokonaisuutena hyvänä reissuna. Nyt pitäisi jälleen suunnata sinnepäin!

2. maalis, 2015


Here is the perfect place to see aurora. I was here from 19- 23 January 2015. The cottage is just excellent. It is so clean and warm. I didn’t expect before if it is just directly beside the reindeer farm. It is lovely. The sauna inside the cottage is
also like bonus for me. Since I love sauna very much. I used it everyday while I was there.

I can’t forget to see the color of the winter sky and frozen tana river from the cottage’s window It jusst magnificent!!!! For me it is still the best tranquil holiday that I’ve ever have. The bonfire place is also perfect especially when the weather was getting
colder below -20. The fabulous thing is I could see the aurora directly in front of the cottage. I wish I could return to this place someday.